Coal Chamber Charges ICP With Breach Of Contract, Slander In Tour Fallout

Coal Chamber has finally taken legal action in its dispute with the Insane Clown Posse over the ill-fated tour the two acts planned for this summer.

The bands were to have staged a co-headlining tour from mid-July through late August, however Coal Chamber left the tour after just two shows. In a formal complaint that Coal Chamber's lawyers fired off to ICP's management on Friday, Coal Chamber's camp contends that ICP violated the terms of their contract with Coal Chamber, prompting the band to leave the tour.

Specifically, Coal Chamber's camp claims that the band signed on to ICP's tour as a co-headliner, and as such was to be paid $9,000 per show for a 27-date tour (for a total of $243,000). However, Coal Chamber claims that after the second date of the tour, ICP attempted to cut the band's performance fee to $3,000 per show. The Coal Chamber camp contends that it was told that the $3,000 per-show pay cut was presented as a take it or leave it proposition, and the

band decided to leave it.

Coal Chamber claims the proposed pay cut, as well as other production-related concerns, amount to breach of contract, and the band is seeking $225,000 in compensatory damages as well as additional punitive damages.

The complaint then claims that in the wake of the split, ICP "engaged in a malicious slander campaign" against Coal Chamber, and points to the band's August 20 appearance on Howard Stern's morning radio show as well as ICP's official Web site as high-profile examples. Lawyers for Coal Chamber say they are seeking additional damages for slander and libel as a result.

Coal Chamber's camp insists that if ICP does not respond to the complaint within five business days, the band will take the matter to court.

As of press time, a spokesperson for the Insane Clown Posse's label, Island Records, could not be reached for comment.

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-- Robert Mancini