Coal Chamber Tackles New Album, Outside Projects

For a band rumored to have broken up, Coal Chamber is mighty busy these days.

Despite Internet rumors of the group's demise, Coal Chamber is in fact plowing ahead on its third album. A spokesperson for the band's record label, Roadrunner Records, reports that the band's three Los Angeles-based members (frontman Dez Fafara, guitarist Meegs Rascon, and drummer Mike Cox) recently teamed up with their Atlanta-based bassist Rayna Foss-Rose in L.A. to write and record new material. The band managed to record demos of several new songs and plans to reconvene in the studio after a brief rest.

Coal Chamber was to have spent its summer with Slipknot, Slayer, Sevendust, and the rest of the Tattoo The Earth tour, but pulled out of the tour last month to work on new material (see "Coal Chamber Drops Off 'Tattoo' Tour"). The move sparked rumors of the band's breakup online, but Roadrunner flatly denies a split and cites the

progress on the new album as evidence.

Apparently, Fafara has been piling on the work. The vocalist recently manned the boards as the producer on the debut album for Texas up-and-comers Dirt. Dez hooked up with the band at Houston's AMG Studios for his first non-Coal Chamber stab at producing.

Dirt is currently mixing its debut with Barry Conley (Red Hot Chili Peppers, L7, Sugar Ray), and is talking to several record companies about a deal.