DJ Clue Joins Hard Knock Life Tour, Discusses Drawing Bad Vibes From Other DJs

Hip-hop and mix-tape king DJ Clue, who just last month issued his debut album, "The Professional," has just been added to the upcoming Hard Knock Life Tour, where he'll be serving as the evening's host and emcee.

While Clue's onstage warming up the crowd for the likes of Jay-Z, DMX, Method Man and Redman, he'll doubtlessly be spinning some exclusive, impossible-to-find, new material from some of the hottest names in hip-hop -- most of whom happen to be friends.

According to Clue, his connections and ability to get his DJ hands on tracks before anyone else has caused him to catch a little flak from some of his fellow record-spinners.

"A lot of people hate on me sometimes," DJ Clue explained to the MTV Radio Network, "DJs get mad [because] I get the new songs first. [They wonder,] 'Why does Clue have to get it?' But they don't understand the relationship that me and the artists have, so it's understandable."

DJ Clue has just released "It's On" as the new single, which

is one of the two songs that DMX contributed to "The Professional." Meanwhile, the Hard Knock Life Tour is scheduled to kick off on February 27 in Charlotte, North Carolina.