DJ Clue Cutting Tour Album With Hard Knock Life Tourmates

DJ Clue is currently out spinning records on the Hard Knock Life Tour, and while his new album, "The Professional," was released just a few months ago in December, the urban mixmaster has already started work on a follow-up record.

Clue made his name when the mix-tapes he used to distribute himself helped break such rappers as his current tourmate, DMX. Now Clue has tapped his fellow Hard Knock lifers to help out on the planned concert album, which has the working title of "The Professional on Tour."

According to Clue, the tour album will feature new versions of "Professional" studio tracks and freestyles from Jay-Z, DMX, Method Man and Red Man -- as well as other rappers Clue may hook up with as the Hard Knock Life outing rolls on to various cities.

"We're doing a tour album," DJ Clue told the MTV Radio Network, "so I got the studio on my tour bus and we go in the back and we get busy. Everybody rhymin', just freestylin', whatever. Putting that together."

Clue is also

hoping to log some (mobile) studio time with No Limit mogul Master P, Mystikal and possibly Juvenile. Tonight the Hard Knock Life tour plays the Cobo Arena in Detroit.