Eric Clapton Learns Of His Real Father

Eric Clapton, who's got the number eight album in the country this week, has told the British press that he is relieved to learn that his real father was a wandering hotel bar piano player who was married four times, and not a conservative banker as he'd been told.

Clapton, who was raised by his grandparents, sings about the fact that he never knew his father in the first single off his new album, a song called "My Father's Eyes."

That song motivated a Canadian journalist to investigate Clapton's family background and break the story that his real father, Edward Fryer, had been a Canadian soldier stationed in England during World War II.

Fryer died of leukemia 13 years ago, and fathered two girls and one other boy. No comment on this story from Clapton's publicist or management; Clapton's tour plays Milwaukee Tuesday night.