NY Ticket Probe Expands To Include Clapton Concert

The New York attorney general has expanded his probe into concert ticket sales to include last weekend's Eric Clapton show at Madison Square Garden.

State Attorney General Dennis Vacco had previously issued subpoenas to Garden officials and Ticketmaster in regard to a July 1 Spice Girls show -- which sold out its 13,000 seats in 12 minutes, as well as documents related to a Celine Dion concert scheduled for September.

A spokesman for the attorney general confirmed that the investigation was being coordinated with the Spice Girls, who have already expressed a willingness to cooperate.

"The attorney general considers scalping a serious economic threat to New York," the spokesman said.

No timetable has been set for how long the probe might last, although the spokesman added that the possibility of voiding the tickets already sold for the Spice Girls show remains a viable option.

Representatives for Eric Clapton had no comment.