New Eric Clapton Song Draws Protest

In the midst of all the smooth pop tunes on Eric Clapton's latest album, "Pilgrim," there's one track, "Sick and Tired," that is drawing the ire of some women's groups.

Harking back to the veteran guitarist's blues roots and the tradition of murder ballads dating back hundreds of years, "Sick and Tired" includes such lyrics as: "I'm gonna get me a shotgun, baby, and keep it stashed behind the door/I may have to blow your brains out, baby, so then you don't bother me no more."

The song has come to the attention of "Peace at Home," a battered-women's group in Boston, and executive director Stacy Kabat says she is not amused.

"In 1998, to have Eric Clapton writing this is just not cool," Kabat said. She wants Clapton both to change the song's lyrics as well as donate all the money he makes off the track to violence prevention.

Representatives for Clapton have had no comment on the protests.