Candidate Says Chumbawamba Part Of "Political Experiment"

So why did California Congressional candidate and outrageously outspoken Republican Bob Dornan adopt a song performed by his political polar opposites in Chumbawamba as his campaign anthem? To prove that the media's coverage of politics is missing the mark, claims his campaign spokesperson.

Mark Dornan, son of the candidate and a central figure in his election effort, told MTV News that his camp picked the song as a "sociopolitical experiment" to illustrate that the coverage surrounding Dornan's race against Loretta Sanchez-Brixey is too far from the issues.

"We were getting frustrated because it was all about personalities," the younger Dornan told MTV News of their reasons for staging the experiment. He also noted that media outlets that had ignored the race "came out of the woodwork" once the campaign adopted the Chumbawamba song.

"The media bought it hook, line, and sinker," he said of the avalanche of press that followed after the group's hit "Tubthumping"

appeared on Dornan's official website.

The younger Dornan claimed that most reporters who contacted him about the story knew more about the political stance of Chumbawamba than the policies of the man running for Congress.

As we first reported earlier this week (see "Chumbawamba Gives Stamp Of Disapproval To 'Tubthumping' Politician"), Dornan's use of the song provoked a less than enthusiastic response from Chumbawamba, who threatened to go the Internet sabotage route in stopping Dornan from using the song.

The campaign has removed the song and, claiming that their use of it provoked the desired effect from the media, the younger Dornan says that the campaign will not bring it back.

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