Chumbawamba's Nutter Gets Roughed Up On Tour

Chumbawamba vocalist/percussionist Alice Nutter has been forced out of a few dates with the band after injuring her head in a series of incidents on the group's current European tour.

A spokesperson for the band said that the injuries that forced Nutter to miss the band's turn at Britain's WOMAD festival last Friday were first incurred when the singer was caught up in a riot in Italy. Nutter was attending a rally to protest the death of two imprisoned anarchist activists, and soon found herself in the thick of a full-blown riot. Nutter claims that she was struck in the head by Italian police officers, and was then treated at a local hospital.

The singer then returned to the band's tour bus, where she re-injured her face when she fell from her bunk. Nutter returned to the hospital for further treatment, and then decided to not get back on the bus and opted to stay at a hotel for the night. While there, a sneeze caused even more damage as the force of the blow broke

blood vessels in Nutter's eye, which came bulging out of its socket. Nutter then forced it back in, and returned to her home in Leeds.

After all was said and done, Nutter had compound facial fractures and nerve damage, and it remains to be seen how long she will be out of commission. It is known that Nutter will sit out at least one show on August 7 in Budapest.