Chuck D Makes News For Fox; Plans New P.E. Album

May 23 [7:55 EDT] -- Public Enemy's Chuck D promises to go "more in depth, like a kamikaze reporter" during his stint with the Fox News Channel.

The voice behind tracks like "Prophets of Rage" and "Don't Believe the Hype" has signed on to offer commentary and news features for the upstart 24-hour news network, and promises to address people who he feels have been "overlooked and misrepresented" in other media outlets.

The socially active rapper served up his first bit of on-set commentary Wednesday during the channel's nightly newscast "The Schneider Report," and Chuck shot his first news package in Philadelphia in the aftermath of the presidential summit on volunteerism.

So in his estimation, did the summit accomplish anything?

"Judging from the people I talked to, no," Chuck told MTV News. "We need to do that every week. They stopped drugs for a day, and that's incredible, but it can't stop there."

Chuck, who served as an MTV News correspondent

during the 1996 Republican National Convention, said that his new role in television won't hamper his many other undertakings in the community and in music. He even insists that fans can expect more from Public Enemy in the near future, but won't say when.

"There is a new Public Enemy album on the horizon, but that's all I'm going to say about that. There's no time clock on it or anything," Chuck told MTV News.

Fans can catch Chuck much sooner than that, as Fox News expects to run his take on the fallout from the volunteerism summit sometime next week.