Chuck D Downplays Producing As PE Readies Three Albums

The group will serve up a retrospective called "Bring The Noise 2000," as well as an album called "Resurrection" that will act as the soundtrack to Spike Lee's upcoming film, "He Got Game."

As we first reported last year (see "Public Enemy Back in Studio"), PE is also planning another new studio album, titled "There's A Poison Going On," which should arrive in the fall.

While the original PE line-up is back on board for the album, including the production crew known as the Bomb Squad, Chuck was tight-lipped when talking about the album's producers with our associates in the MTV Radio Network.

"I don't name producers anymore because I think that's an overrated soundbyte or buzzword, so when it comes out, you'll see," [200k Audio File] Chuck said when asked about production duties on the new album.


think they're overrated. I think that's an overrated aspect, unless the producer really brings something to the table. Now I'm one of the original members of one of the, I guess, the prestigious producing groups in hip-hop, the Bomb Squad. We've chosen to de-emphasize the importance of all that to make sure that its a total package, and right now, the term of a producer making a record and Phil Spector-izing, that situation has kind of gotten out of hand. It still boils down to the artist doing a particular thing, and making it as close to pushing the envelope as possible." [400k Audio File]

The Bomb Squad pushed the envelope quite far during Public Enemy's heydey, so we'll assume that Chuck D and company have things well in hand.