The Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Swingin' Since 1989

October 21 [14:00 EDT] -- The Cherry Poppin' Daddies have been swingin' since 1989, when they were spawned in Eugene, Oregon by writer/singer/producer/guitarist Steve Perry (not to be confused with the Journey-man of the same name).

The Daddies' seven other members are guitarist Jason Moss, bassist Daniel Schmid, drummer Tim Donahue, keyboardist Dustin Lanker, trumpeter Dana Heitman, and saxophonists Sean Flannery and Ian Early.

The Daddies have been touring incessantly for eight years earning their swing stripes.

They would prefer not being lumped in with the current neo-retro fad; the Daddies were playing swing in the Pacific Northwest when grunge was all the rage and flannel-clad audiences didn't know what to make of them. Nevertheless, swing is currently in vogue due to movies like "Swingers" and bands like The Squirrel Nut Zippers; both have helped lay the popular ground on which the Cherry Poppin' Daddies are now grooving.

Their new LP, "Zoot Suit

Riot," is a compendium of ten "hits" from their three former records plus four new tracks for their debut release on Mojo Records. The Daddies have formed a sympatico touring relationship with ska acts like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, and Less Than Jake.

Perry's favorite influences include big band greats Louis Prima, Fletcher Henderson, and Count Basie, otherwise known as the musical papas of the Daddies-O.