Cherry Poppin' Daddies Talk About Getting Surreal In New Video

As odd as it may sound, the current neo-swing revival may soon introduce a new notion into the collective pop consciousness: the swing video cliche.

In an effort to skirt the suddenly familiar images of cigars, cocktails, and jitterbuggers, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies tapped video visionary Jamie Caliri (the man behind surreal clips like Marcy Playground's "Sex And Candy" and Morphine's "Early To Bed") for their latest clip, "Brown Derby Jump."

"We got a lot of treatments for the video but we really didn't want to have something that was like: Hey get swing!," Daddies frontman Steve Perry told MTV News of the band's preparation for the new clip. "You know there's going to be like 2 million videos of the same thing, and we wanted to be more about the song [500k Quicktime] than about 'Hey, this is something that all you cats should be digging!' That's pathetic, you know, so we decided

not to have martinis or swing dancers... we had actually swing dancers, the shadow silhouette sort of like on our album cover, but we didn't have anything that would really hit people over the head with, 'Hey we're a swing band, get it?'"

The product of this bold new union between the Daddies and Caliri recently hit the MTV airwaves, and has already found a few fans within the band itself.

"The best part of the video though is a classic car that's covered with pastries and a really beautiful woman standing next to it," guitarist Jason Moss said. "I don't know what it means, but it's a pastry covered car and it's great." [450k Quicktime]

"It really is," Perry added. "It's more surreal and it's beautifully shot. It looks really good."

Of course, the band didn't do too bad the first time around with its breakthrough video for "Zoot Suit Riot." That clip earned the

band an MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best New Artist in a Video.