Chemical Brothers Chat Up The Net

Jan. 27 [8:00 EST] -- How do two DJ's poise themselves at the forefront of popular music, prompting critics to trumpet the death of rock and roll? Ask them yourself when the Chemical Brothers field questions from users during a live chat on SonicNet Monday night.

Sonic-mixologists Ed Simmons and Tom Rowlands, who have cast a spell over English dancefloors for years, will appear on SonicNet at 8 p.m. EST to greet the masses.

The first shot in the Chemical Brothers U.S. invasion was launched with the duo's bombastic single and video, "Setting Sun," which pairs the drum beat from the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" with a Noel Gallagher vocal track.

"We used to play the record 'Tomorrow Never Knows' out when we DJed, so I think he heard us do that a few times so he kind of liked that," Simmons told MTV News of the collaboration.

"He probably saw some sort of sound alike with 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and probably

went for that, so I think that was good."

The Chemical Brothers will reportedly head back into the studio in October to finish work on their second LP, the follow up to their "Exit Planet Dust."