The Chemical Brothers: It's A Party Not A Show

April 9 [7:55 EST] -- English techno stars the Chemical Brothers (known individually as Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmons) release their second album this week, called "Dig Your Own Hole." This album includes their breakthrough single, "Setting Sun," and their latest, "Block Rockin' Beats."

The group will launch a US tour (QuickTime live, 1MB) in Dallas on April 24, and the Brothers say they can't wait to get out there, because the duo looks at live dates as essentially parties they DJ.

"That's what we see when we play live," says Rowlands. "That's what we're providing when we play live... a situation with a good system and a good thing. A place for people to come and have a good party at as opposed to come and glorify us."

Adds Simmons, "Our set is kind of one long groove of all the things we've done. If it ever got to the point where people were waiting for 'Setting Sun' or something that would

be a shame, 'cause it's just one long thing" (QuickTime, 1.5MB).

Hooking up as co-headliners with the Chemical Brothers in Tampa, Florida on April 18 will be another eminent English techno act, The Orb.