Chemical Brothers Re-Born In The Form Of Japanese Twins

Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands of the Chemical Brothers have been born again, literally.

A Japanese couple has named their two newborn twins after the electronic duo.

Akiko and Hidetoshi Yamauchi met at an Osaka club last year while the Brothers song "Private Psychedelic Reel" was blaring. Later, when Akiko later found out that she was pregnant with twins, the couple felt they had to capture that moment by naming their son Ed Simons Yamauchi and his twin sister Tom Rowlands Yamauchi.

The senior Chemical Brothers will deliver a bundle of their own, an album called "Brothers Gonna Work It Out," in September. The release, which will come courtesy of the duo's own Freestyle Dust record label, will essentially be a DJ mix album with the Brothers fusing their own music with the work of other artists.

The Brothers then hope to launch a club tour near the time of the album's release.