Johnny Cash Battling Pneumonia

The legendary Johnny Cash is battling pneumonia again, only a year after nearly dying from the illness. Cash, 67, was listed in serious condition Wednesday at Baptist Hospital in Nashville.

Hospital spokeswoman Jessica Etz spoke to MTV News about Cash, saying, "He is still in serious condition, but he is improving. His life is not in danger."

Cash was hospitalized twice in 1998 for pneumonia, and that isn't the only health problem that he has had to deal with in recent years. In 1997, he cancelled a book signing tour when he was diagnosed with Shy-Drager Syndrome, a neurological condition related to Parkinson's Disease (see "Johnny Cash Has Parkinson's Disease").

Since then, he has made only one public appearance, at an all-star tribute concert honoring his career (see "Springsteen, Wyclef, U2, Matthews, More Come Out For Cash").