Puffy Excited About Work With Mariah

August 5 [7:55 EDT] -- Despite a number one album, Sean "Puffy" Combs has taken some good advice, and not quit his day job.

Next up for Puffy the producer is "Honey," the first single from Mariah Carey's new album. You may recall Puffy re-mixed "Fantasy," the first single from Mariah's last album, and he seems even more excited about things this time around.

"She wanted to do the same formula on this record, and this record is slammin'," Puffy told MTV News. "The video is blazin' and there's a surprise for you in this video. You're going to bug out when you see what Mariah's doing in this video. It bugged me out. [1MB QuickTime] Did you see this video? Yo, it's going to bug you out."

As we reported last week, Puffy's next project is as executive producer on the new album from L.L. Cool J.