Mariah Tones Down Missy's Influence

September 17 [12:00 EDT] -- Even though she brought in heavy-hitting hip-hop collaborators to work on her new album, Mariah Carey says that she still tried to maintain her own sense of style on "Butterfly." ["Honey" Video, 800k QuickTime]

For the album, her seventh, Carey brought in Puffy Combs, Stevie J., and Missy Elliot, who had a few decidedly un-Mariah lyrical suggestions that didn't make the cut.

"When I worked with Missy it was funny, because she wanted to put a line in that was like 'something beeping me 911, and I'll come quicker than the cops.' I like that lyric, but for my song, it doesn't work. So I tapered what she was doing, and she'd be like, 'Mariah, come on, you don't have to think about it so hard. Just write it. This sounds good.' But I'm like, 'You don't understand. I get really criticized about this.' People are gonna be like, 'Who the hell does

she think she is. Beep me 911.' But I can't get out of control and act like I'm suddenly somebody I'm not, but I've always been into urban music. I grew up in New York, listening to New York radio, and it continues to influence me and it always will." [1MB QuickTime]

You can see how much of an influence New York radio, and Missy Elliot, had on Mariah by picking up "Butterfly," which hit stores this week.

Tuesday also saw the launch of Carey's official website (at, which features news, a complete discography, and sound files from each of "Butterfly's" tracks. The site also promises that tour information will be coming soon.