Mariah Meets And Greets Her Public

September 18 [12:00 EDT] -- Mariah Carey's seventh album, the decidedly hip-hop inflected "Butterfly," arrived in stores on Tuesday as did Mariah herself.

The singer turned up at a Tower Records in Manhattan's Lincoln Center area, where she was greeted by a throng of excitable fans.

"She's wonderful," one fan enthused. "She has a beautiful voice, a nice heart, she's good to people."

"It's amazing," Carey said of the reception she received. "It's still hard to handle and deal with and believe that people are coming to see me because I'm still just a regular girl. But I'm grateful to them and looking forward to going down and seeing them [700k QuickTime] in a minute."

Carey, true to her word, sat down in the store to meet her fans, sign autographs, and cause general hysteria.

"Yes I'm very excited," a fan gushed as she waited for her chance to meet Carey.

"I love Mariah. I love Mariah! I wanna be Mariah!! I'm gonna be Mariah!" [800k QuickTime]