Mariah Talks About Whitney Duet, Takes Stage With Jermaine Dupri And Da Brat

Mariah Carey got a little help from Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat on Saturday when she took the stage at the KMEL All Star Jam in San Francisco.

Despite her newsworthy turn on stage, backstage Carey found herself talking about another chunk of news: her duet with Whitney Houston called, "When You Believe" for the "The Prince of Egypt."

The song, recorded in August, will be the first single released on the animated film's soundtrack, and will also be featured on both pop singers' upcoming albums.

"Actually, Jeffrey Katzenberg from Dreamworks showed us both the movie separately and got us both excited about the project," Carey told MTV News of how she got involved in the project. "It's sort of a message song. It's what 'Prince of Egypt' is about, Moses. If we were ever going to come together on any kind of record, this is definitely the right one, and really the coolest thing to me is that after all of the drama and everybody making it like we had a rivalry, she was

just really cool and we had a really good time in the studio. We had fun. And so, if nothing else, it was a good experience... and diva-ism, whatever."

Carey's album "Ones" is due out on November 10 , Houston's untitled album is scheduled for the fall, and "The Prince of Egypt" soundtrack will be in stores on November 17.