Mariah Carey Talks About Taking On Chris Tucker And The Big Screen

This fall, Mariah Carey will begin working on her feature film debut, and if the daunting nature of such a move is at all intimidating to the singer, she's not letting it show.

Carey, who play comedian Chris Tucker's love interest in "Double-O-Soul," recently told MTV News that she can't wait to get started on the film. "I'm not nervous about it at all," Carey said of her part in the James Bond-inspired action/comedy. "If anything, I'm looking forward to it as kind of a therapeutic experience because singing and writing is one emotional outlet and one place you are coming from when you do that."

Carey, who studied acting as a child and has been refreshing those studies for the last two years, added, "(Acting is) a completely different creative place, and I'm looking forward to being able to release some of that energy because I've got a lot of stuff stored up in there and I need to let it on out."

Carey said that she expects "Double-O-Soul" to begin shooting in

the fall, and that she will also appear in an upcoming film from screenwriter Kate Lanier, whose credits include "Set It Off," "What's Love Got To Do With It," and the upcoming big screen version of "The Mod Squad."