Mariah Carey Explains Difference Between "Ones" And "Greatest Hits"

Mariah Carey is presently putting the finishing touches on a collection of some of her favorite songs for a new album, "Ones," due out later this year.

But the singer is being careful not to refer to the album as a "Greatest Hits" package. Here is how she explained the difference to MTV News last week, while backstage during the Video Music Awards.

"[It's] not a 'Greatest Hits,' I ain't even been out 10 years," Carey began. "Can't have no greatest hits. No seriously, it's not a 'Greatest Hits,' it's only the Number One songs I've had. If it were a 'Greatest Hits,' I would include records like 'Anytime You Need a Friend' or 'Breakdown.' You know, "Breakdown" didn't even chart, Sony didn't even release it. So, things like that would be on a 'Greatest Hits,' but this isn't that, and I don't even know if I [plan on] releasing [an album like] that." [28.8 RealVideo]

As we previously

reported (see "Mariah Carey Talks About Taking On Chris Tucker And The Big Screen"), Carey's next project will be her feature film acting debut in the spy comedy "Double-O-Soul," while "Ones" is due in stores around Christmas.