Whitney And Mariah Talk About Teaming For "Prince Of Egypt"

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey checked their auras at the door and entered the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Tuesday to shoot a video for their duet "When You Believe" from the soundtrack to the upcoming animated film "The Prince of Egypt."

DreamWorks will release the film in December, and one of the studio's honchos, Jeffrey Katzenberg, brought the two divas together.

"What happened was Jeffery Katzenberg, he invited me to come to the studio and view the movie," Mariah told MTV News' John Norris during a break on the video set. "We had dinner. It was very grand and elaborate, very Hollywood."

"I think he said to Mariah that I was gonna do it," Whitney recalled.

"So he was like, 'Would you like to do this duet with Whitney?' And I was like, 'Did she say that was cool?'" Mariah said.

"He told Mariah that I was doing it, and told me that Mariah was gonna do it so we both ended up doing it and I don't think we both knew who was gonna end up doing

it," Whitney said.

Despite the fact that the union was forged in Katzenberg's deceit, so far the two say that things are running smoothly.

"She and I have a good chemistry together," Whitney told MTV News. "The song is, it's powerful."

"People are gonna see when they see the video that there's no drama, there's no cat fighting, there's no ridiculousness going on," Mariah added. "We're having a good time."

The soundtrack also features K-Ci & JoJo and Boyz II Men, and will hit stores on November 17. The duet will also turn up on Carey's new album, "Ones," and on Houston's first album in eight years, "My Love Is Your Love." Both of those records should be in stores next month.