Mariah Reveals Her Animated Side In "Heartbreaker"

Mariah Carey fans can now count on getting their hearts broken two different ways.

The singer has readied two different versions of the video for her new single "Heartbreaker," a song which features a guest appearance by Grammy Award-winning rapper Jay-Z.

The version of the clip that's airing now only contains an oblique reference to Jay, because the rapper was contractually obligated to restrict his video appearances for two weeks to the clip he shot for "Girl's Best Friend," his track off the soundtrack to the movie "Blue Streak."

Faced with this dilemma, and with a looming video deadline, Carey huddled with director Brett Ratner (who also shot the "Beautiful Stranger" clip for Madonna), and they came up with a rather animated solution.

"We decided to do some animation," Mariah told MTV, "and it really works, because we're using a lot of screens for movie footage, for inserts

and things, so they animated me and my friends, and it's going to be really cute. The animation is acting out Jay's run, like it's me doing all the things Jay is talking about on his run, and it's cute." [RealVideo]

The complete version of Carey's "Heartbreaker" video, which includes Jay-Z himself, will premiere on the August 30 edition of MTV's "Making the Video."

The "Heartbreaker" single will be available in stores on September 21. Carey's upcoming studio album, "Rainbow," is tentatively set for release in November (see "Mariah Carey Casts 'Rainbow' For Next LP; Taps Missy, Da Brat For Remix").

For more of Mariah Carey's on-set interview, including RealVideo, check out the new MTV Online feature "Mariah Carey: The Rainbow Connection".