Mariah Shoots "Heartbreaker" Remix Video With Snoop, Missy, Da Brat

Mariah Carey donned a black wig for her original "Heartbreaker" video, and now she's lacing up a pair of gold roller skates for the remix version.

Snoop Dogg, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Da Brat, and DJ Clue all join Carey in the new clip for the "Heartbreaker" remix, which was shot in New York City this past weekend with director Diane Martell, who previously worked with Mariah on videos for "Dreamlover" and "Butterfly."

While taking a quick break from the shoot, Carey and her cohorts chatted about the remix as well as the "baby diva" convention assembled for the video's ill-fated (and, yes, fictional) wedding of Snoop and Da Brat.

"It's a remix to 'Heartbreaker,' and we looped 'Ain't No Fun,' which is one of Snoop's biggest records, and I sang 'Heartbreaker' on top of it," Carey told MTV News. "Da Brat and Missy did some amazing rhymes on top of it. So we're kind of having a little diva-fest

here, having a good time, and the girls, the 'baby divas' here, are all joining in, and it's just going to be cute." [RealVideo]

The remix of "Heartbreaker" hits store shelves on Tuesday, with a rap-less version as part of the package. The original version of the song, featuring Jay-Z and DJ Clue, will be featured on Carey's highly anticipated album "Rainbow," which is slated to drop on November 2.

-- Tina Johnson