Brat Praises Mariah Tour; May Head Out With Jay-Z

Da Brat's long-awaited third album, "Unrestricted," hit stores on Tuesday, and the Chicago-bred rapper is currently wrapping up her opening slot on Mariah Carey's tour.

Although the outing was brief (nine dates, to be exact), she told the MTV Radio Network that it was the perfect way to give her new music some early exposure.

"That's great," Brat told the MTV Radio Network. "It's great bein' on tour with Mariah, just because it's like, sold-out audiences, and it's packed from the ceiling to the floor. And when the crowd screams my name, it's just like, exuberating, or something. It's like, my whole body fills up and my adrenaline pumps very, very hard." [RealAudio]

Last night was the final scheduled date on Mariah's tour, although Brat will also accompany Ms. Carey on the two make-up dates that were rescheduled due to Mariah's illness; the Boston show

on April 13 at the FleetCenter and an April 18 stop at Toronto's Air Canada Center.

Brat says she would like to hit the road with Mariah again if the pop diva decides to schedule more dates, but she also has some other possibilities cooking.

"We're working on a tour, maybe," Brat began, "with me, Jagged Edge, Jay-Z, and Beanie Sigel. Like maybe a Roc-A-Fella/So So Def Tour. There are a whole lot of things, and there are a whole lot of opportunities that I have knockin' on the door. So I'm just tryin' to see what'll be the best thing to do." [RealAudio]

Meanwhile, "Unrestricted" is in stores now and features collaborations with Ja Rule, Twista, Kelly Price, Mystikal, Jermaine Dupri, and Tyrese, who guests on the LP's first single, "What'chu Like."

On a legal note, Da Brat

is scheduled to appear

in an Atlanta court tomorrow to answer assault charges stemming from a March 8 altercation at an Atlanta nightclub.