The Cardigans Are Here

MTV NEWS: What's new in Sweden, you ask?

Well, the band of the moment in that intensely blond pop outpost is a group called The Cardigans, who've apparently put in considerable time studying the greatest sixties hits of Burt Bacharach, among other things, and are now touring here in support of their third album, "First Band On The Moon." They're cute, they're melodious, they're...well, they're Swedish. And here they are.

PETER SVENSSON, GUITAR: Up to now record companies in Sweden only put money into bands like Roxette, Ace of Base. But now, things are happening. That's probably a big reason for us to be here right now.

MTV: Thanks to it's bubbly tune, "Love Fool" and sleek blond singer, The Cardigans are winning over America, but they can't seem to escape comparisons to that other Swedish pop sensations.

NINA PERSSON, VOCALS: It's the Abba thing, of course, always.

MTV: The Cardigan's unique hip-swaying vibe is evident on

"Love Fool," a signature song on the "Romeo + Juliet" soundtrack, it's a sound that's taken years to evolve. A sound so Lo-Fi, it even smoothes out Ozzy Osbourne's "Iron Man."

P. SVENSSON: It's a really strong identity, it makes it easy to take sorts of music and make it The Cardigans' and you know, the fact that we're doing Black Sabbath covers is proof.

P. SVENSSON: The melodies are quite, if you take out the melodies and sing them, a lot of them are quite melancholy but it makes it more interesting if you try to arrange it, and produce it, and perform it in a different way.

LARS-OLOF JOHANSSON, KEYBOARDS: The good thing about it, you can dance to it in a night club and you can listen to it on earphones in a dark room.

MTV: The Cardigans will soon have a chance to show their true colors when they join Beck on the road.

PERSSON: Just the pleasure of seeing him several nights is worth it all.

P. SVENSSON: He's got a great profile...

MAGNUS SVENSSON: And great sideburns.

MTV NEWS: The Cardigans play La Jolla, California with Beck on Tuesday.