Cardigans Ripped Off

June 19 [14:00 EDT] -- The Cardigans have had their current European tour interrupted by thieves. The bad guys drove off with the band's white Hyundai full of equipment at home in Sweden Monday night, June 16.

The band is putting the word out on the Internet hoping to recover their gear which includes many irreplaceable, classic instruments and amps. The equipment should be easy enough to spot.

Among the missing are: a unique Ludwig drum kit (early '60s) in three-color plastic (white, red, blue); a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Signature-bass (gold); a 1961 Gibson SG special TV Yellow; a 1965 Marshall JTM 45 4x12, a similar amp from 1968; an Ampeg SVT II with a 8x10 cabinet; a Roland XP 50; a Martin 0001 acoustic guitar; and a guitar pedal board. Everything was packed in flight cases clearly marked "The Cardigans."

The band was close to wrapping up their European tour in Lisbon June 28 before heading to the States in late July. The Cardigans will be linking up with the Lillith

Fair as of July 18 and 19 at Pine Knob facility in Clarkson, Michigan.