Cardigans' Persson, Shudder To Think's Larson Record Song For Morgan Freeman Flick

After lending vocals to Shudder to Think's 1998 soundtrack album, "First Love, Last Rites," the Cardigans Nina Persson has teamed up once again with boyfriend and Shudder to Think guitarist Nathan Larson to cut a song for yet another film.

According to MTV Europe, the pair have collaborated on "What The Hell Are You Cryin' For?" a song slated to appear on the upcoming soundtrack to "Desert Blue," a film written and directed by Morgan Freeman and which stars Christina Ricci, Brendan Sexton III and Kate Hudson.

A working cut of "Desert Blue" premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last fall, but the movie isn't expected to see widespread release until the summer, which is also when the accompanying soundtrack is due out.