Canibus Discusses Theory Of Hype-nosis

As his current feud with LL Cool J rages on, rapper Canibus, who was recently announced as part of this summer's Smokin' Grooves tour, talked with MTV News about his theory of "hype-nosis," defined by Canibus as what happens when a person becomes blinded or intimidated by another's reputation or rhetoric, a theory which would seem to be in full-effect considering the recent developments between the rapper and LL.

"When you find yourself nodding your head," Canibus said, "and saying yes to something you don't really believe, you're being hype-notized. You see what I'm saying, like somebody is hypnotizing you through hype-nosis, you know, just looking you in the eye and talking to you ... If you experience hype-nosis too much you contract hype-nitis."

As we previously reported, LL launched the initial salvo in the dispute when he overdubbed a part Canibus had contributed to a song LL was working on, "4,3,2,1."


responded to the dis by recording an anti-LL song, "Second Round Knockout" [850k QuickTime] which then prompted a return volley from LL in the track and video for "Return of the Ripper."