Canibus Talks About How He Got His Record Deal

A lyrical feud with L.L. Cool J has enabled 23-year-old Jamaican-born Canibus to quickly make a name for himself, although truth be known, the rapper has been working behind the scenes in the music business for almost five years.

Since he got his start as an intern for a record label, Canibus has learned a lot about the rules of the music game, and in an interview with MTV News, he spoke about how he used what he learned about the true nature of A&R reps, the label executives who sign new acts, to land his own deal.

"A&Rs get demos all day," Canibus said, "and they got this box ... right outside their doors, and all the demos that come up to the label, they throw 'em in the box ... And they tell the interns to go through the demos."

"I worked at Island Records as an intern," he continued, " I went out, kept working at it and eventually I got my chance to get a deal ... I got a demo deal and my demo didn't go in a box, it went directly to the CEO of a label."

Canibus' debut album is due out this summer, although no title or release date has been set yet.