DMX On Why The L.L. And Canibus Feud Won't Escalate

DMX, the rapper whose new album, "It's Dark and Hell is Hot," is due out on May 15, is already making waves in the rap world with the first single, "Get At Me Dog," which has cracked "Billboard" magazine's Hot Rap Singles chart.

The rapper also guested on L.L. Cool J's track, "4,3,2,1" and offered third person insight into the LL Canibus feud (see "LL And Canibus Weigh In...") during a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network.

"I love it," DMX said, "let 'em, go and do what you gonna do, you know. Just be careful who you bite [550k QuickTime]. They got the right two people, cause it's not like either one of them roll around with a gang or a crew of niggas or nothin'" [650k QuickTime].

"You might see L with a little entourage," the rapper continued, "but it ain't

no hood niggas startin' trouble, and every time I see Canibus, he's by himself, or with three other niggas."

"Nine times out of ten," DMX said, "it's not the artist who starts the beef, it'll be his man, and he'll set it on -- not the artist over here -- but his man, saying 'You dissed my man' and some real ignorant sh**."

"Being that they don't roll like that," he concluded, "it's not gonna escalate, it's not gonna go there. So, that's a good thing, 'cause we get the battle without the battle" [800k QuickTime].