Wyclef Drops Lyrical Bomb In L.L./Canibus Feud

Fugee-gone-solo Wyclef Jean has added another chapter to the Canibus versus L.L. Cool J feud with a track called "Retaliation" that went to select radio DJs on Tuesday.

The song is aimed at L.L., who referenced Wyclef and his camp on his track "The Ripper Strikes Back" (see "L.L. And Canibus Weigh In On Lyrical Feud") on which L.L. refereed to Wyclef as "a Bob Marley impostor."

You may recall that the flap started when L.L. took exception to a lyric that Canibus laid down while guesting on L.L.'s track "4,3,2,1." The spat prompted Canibus to record "2nd Round Knockout," and L.L.'s response "Ripper."

Now Wyclef has blasted back with "Retaliation," on which he tells L.L., "New York City, don't get it confused./Your song will last as long as your part in Krush Groove."

He also directly addresses L.L.'s initial diss in the song's chorus, which is based on the Tina Turner nugget "What's Love Got To Do With It."

Wyclef sings, "What's 'Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?/What's 'Clef, I'm not a Bob Marley impostor. What's 'Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?/Tell your ghost writers, go write something better."

The track then features a message from Naomi Campbell, who pops up at the end of the song to urge L.L. to "just give it up."

When MTV News caught up with Wyclef after the release of L.L.'s "Ripper," he warned that he would soon have his say.

"We're strictly dealing with lyrics, you know," Wyclef said. "Unfortunately, there's something beyond us which is called the streets. L.L. has disciples, I have disciples, Canibus has disciples, so for all the disciples (out there), we gonna strictly keep it on a lyrical content on wax. [822k Quicktime] If you call me out four times on a record, yo, I ain't no Herb, kid. I'm gonna answer right back to you."

Meanwhile, L.L. is working

on his acting career, and will soon appear opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in the upcoming "Halloween" sequel, "Halloween: H20."