Canibus Talks About Steering Clear Of Stars On Debut

After a high-profile feud with L.L. Cool J earlier this summer, rapper Canibus is set to release his debut album this week, and is determined to prove that he do it alone.

Canibus fought the urge to load his album with special guest stars, as seems to be the trend in hip-hop. The rapper's self-titled debut does feature the help of his mentor Wyclef Jean and Wyclef's Fugee partner Pras, but is essentially all Canibus beyond that.

"I would have liked to have a lot of people on my album," Canibus told MTV News recently of his approach to his album. "The only thing is that because of circumstances and the way things were going down, I didn't want to confuse people and mislead them into making them think that in order to make my album hot, I had to get five or six of the newest upcoming artists to be on my album to make it hot. I didn't want to mislead anybody into making them think that I needed

that to win. I wanted to show people that I could do it by myself." [28.8 RealAudio]

Listeners can now make the final call as "Canibus" is in stores now.