Canibus Talks Managerial Split With Wyclef, Performs At World AIDS Day Benefit

Canibus drew a lot of attention earlier this year when he picked a verbal fight with rapper L.L. Cool J on his single "Second Round Knockout." But Canibus' much-hyped debut album, "Can-I-Bus," got a beating from critics and consumers -- and has failed to reach even gold status with only 300,000 units sold.

Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean served as both Canibus' producer and manager, and was so dedicated to his protege that he was alleged to have pulled a gun on "Blaze" magazine editor Jesse Washington after reading a negative review of "Can-I-Bus" that the publication was planning to run, although Wyclef still denies that charge.

A few months after the record came out, word came out that Jean was no longer managing the fledgling rapper, although Canibus told MTV that the split was amicable and the result of a professional decision rather than a personal one.

"When we were on the Smokin' Grooves [Tour] and everything," Canibus said,

"he was a manager, you know what I mean. [Wyclef] helped me get on Smokin' Groves. He helped put certain things on soundtracks, like the 'Bulworth' track. He helped me produce the album, and he was like a managerial source... We had a talk, and we kicked it and I feel like I should get management elsewhere, you know what I mean, because he's an artist and it's difficult for him to manage another artist." [28.8 RealVieo]

In related news, Canibus performed along with Biz Markie at a benefit for World AIDS Day in New York City on Tuesday. The concert, which was sponsored by Levi's Jeans, raised funds for Lifebeat, the music industry's HIV and AIDS awareness programs, and the rapper talked with MTV about one of the new songs he premiered at the show.

"We're gonna set it off man," Canibus said, "World AIDS Day and Levi's put [the show] together, and it's for the [next] record that I put out, and the song's called 'AIDS is Gold, HIV is Platinum."

Cause people are dying. That's what the 2001 initiative is, it's zero transmission and they want it by the year 2001. So, I just did my part [for the benefit], make a hot record keep it moving."

For more information on Lifebeat, call 1-800-AIDS-411.