Drummer Dave Krusen Leaves Candlebox

Candlebox drummer Dave Krusen, who helped found Pearl Jam almost 10 years ago, has announced that he's leaving Candlebox after an 18-month stint in the group.

According to the group's management, Krusen is expecting his second child in the spring, and has decided to choose his home life over the prospects of additional touring with Candlebox.

Krusen joined Candlebox back in 1997, taking over for the group's original drummer, Scott Mercado, and played on its most recent album, last year's "Happy Pills." Spokespeople for Candlebox said that Krusen may continue to record with the band, but nothing is confirmed as of yet, and the remaining members of the group are currently auditioning new drummers.

Krusen's sudden resignation from Candlebox actually marks the second time the drummer has handed in his walking papers to a (relatively) well-known outfit, as Krusen also left Pearl Jam shortly after helping record that group's 1991 debut, "Ten."

As has been well-documented,

Krusen was eventually replaced in Pearl Jam by Dave Abbruzzese, who was in turn replaced by Jack Irons -- who may or may not have been replaced by Matt Cameron, depending on who you ask in the Pearl Jam camp.

As for Candlebox, the group has delayed kicking-off the next leg of its current tour a week, from February 11 to 19, in order to give a new drummer enough time to fully integrate into the band. Candlebox plans to make up the week's worth of cancelled dates at the end of the tour.