Jesse Camp Lands Deal With Hollywood Records, Album Due Next Spring

Hey, it could happen to you.

MTV VJ Jesse Camp has just signed a record deal with Hollywood Records, which the label confirms is the biggest in the company's history for a brand new artist.

Jesse and a band consisting of former members of Vixen, LSD and the underground British band Dogs D'amour will enter a studio next week with producer Rick Browdy. Camp talked with MTV's Kurt Loder about his soon-to-be-realized rock & roll fantasies.

"I'd always been trying to get a band going and stuff," Camp said, "and I don't really know how everything has fallen into place, it's just been real, real lucky. I think from day one, my whole vibe has been trying to get a rock & roll scene happening again, and whether it's us or not, I don't know. It's never about one band, you know, but I just wanna get the rock & roll scene going again so it can be like in the old days, when there

were tons of bands, just tons of rock & roll all over the place." [28.8 RealVideo]

Hollywood Records is hoping to release Jesse's first album next spring, which will be followed by a national tour.