Cake Discusses Shooting New Video On The Fly

Cake is currently on the road, spreading its brand of jocular rock via a brief fall tour to support its new album, "Prolonging the Magic. "

The first single from the record, "Never There," has already shot up the alternative rock charts, and the early fan response to the song caught the band off-guard -- and scurrying to shoot a video.

Cake stopped by MTV's Times Square studios recently and talked about the merits of making a video on the fly.

"We had to make a video," said Cake singer John McCrea, "and the people we wanted to work with to do the video were unavailable. We had to cook something up pretty fast, so I ended up having to direct it myself..."

"You loved it," interrupted drummer Todd Roper.

" the last minute," McCrea said. "Well,

I enjoyed the process."

"Bossing people around," Roper joked.

"I would have liked to have had more time to prepare," McCrea offered, "more time to prepare for things can make them better. But I think it turned out pretty OK. And I did get to ride in a helicopter, which I did love."

"And driving that truck," reminded Roper.

"And I did learn to drive a Mack truck," McCrea confessed, "so that was exciting." [28.8 RealVideo]

Cake is currently on a few days rest from the road -- in order to kick back and enjoy Halloween, no doubt -- but the tour is set to resume in Chicago on Monday.