UPDATE: Cake Gets Help From Ex-"South Park" Animators On New Video

Several of the artists that formerly worked on Comedy Central's irreverent "South Park" TV series have been tapped to create the fully-animated video for Cake's next single, "Sheep Go To Heaven," according to a source close to the band.

While none of the video's animators currently work on "South Park," the clip, which is being directed by Mark Kornweibel, will feature the animation technique popularized by the series. The members of Cake do appear in the video, but are costumed to vaguely resemble another band whose identity is being kept secret.

MTV News sat down with Cake recently, and fronton John McCrea talked about the message behind the song and its curious refrain: "Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell."

"I'm not sure I understand the song completely," McCrea admitted, "but I do understand that it's sort of about a dynamic that happens in society or culture where there's

people wanting to be different and people wanting to be the same. You really need both kinds of people."

"But it's interesting that in western culture," he continued, "the sheep is [considered] this nice thing and a goat is sort of the [creature] that doesn't make it to heaven. We just singled out these animals to symbolize the human process of choosing between right and wrong or individuality versus emphasis on the group." [28.8 RealVideo]

A spokesman at the band's label, Capricorn Records, said that the single version of "Sheep Go to Heaven" would be sent to radio stations in early February, with the video debuting a few weeks later. Cake is also set to kick-off a tour on February 1 at Club 5 in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the meantime, the Sacramento-based group continues to enjoy success with "Never There," the first single off its "Prolonging the Magic"

album, as the song continues to ride high at number 2 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart.