Cake Postpones European Tour After John McCrea Breaks Finger

Cake has been forced to postpone the launch of its European tour, slated to start on March 4 in London, as band frontman and rhythm guitarist John McCrea has been sidelined after breaking a bone in his hand.

According to a spokesperson for Capricorn Records, Cake's label, McCrea suffered the injury to his "strumming hand" last week while moving furniture in his apartment. The fracture was supposed to be reset and placed into a cast last Friday, but doctors opted to wait until today so as to allow sufficient time for the swelling to go down.

McCrea is expected to be out of commission for the next few weeks, after which the band is expected to fulfill the postponed dates before starting the next U.S. leg of its tour.

As we previously reported (see "Cake Explains Getting 'Drawn In' For New Video"), Cake has just released a new video for "Sheep Go to Heaven," the second single from the group's "Prolonging the Magic."