Cake's John McCrea To Give His Hat Away

Even though Cake was forced to postpone its European tour after John McCrea broke his hand, that doesn't mean that the band's frontman is planning on lying down on the job. In fact, McCrea has agreed to spend the next few weeks helping man Cake's retail store -- which is run out of the group's Sacramento offices.

For the new job, McCrea will help package and process all the orders sent in to the Cake store from now until April 11. The lead singer will also donate various personal items -- ranging from clothes and postcards to other assorted knick-knacks -- that he will subsequently throw into some randomly selected orders.

"He just knew that the [broken] hand was probably gonna drive him a little stir-crazy," explained a representative of Capricorn Records, "and the entire band felt bad about having to push back those dates in Europe, cause a lot of the shows had already sold out. So, this was his way of sort of 'making himself available' for the fans."

As part of the contest,

one lucky fan will walk away with the hat McCrea wore in the video for "The Distance," the band's breakthrough hit from 1997's "Fashion Nugget." The singer will part with the hat -- considered the grand prize in the promotional giveaway -- and send it to someone who either places an order via the Cake store or otherwise enters the contest by mailing a postcard (dated before April 6) to: Cake, 3104 "O" Street, Box 109, Sacramento, CA 95816. A winner will be chosen by April 15.

McCrea will still be bandaged for Cake's appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman" on March 23, but the cast is expected to come off by the time the band launches its European tour on April 16 in London.