Busta Rhymes Keeps Vibe Up In San Francisco

Busta Rhymes doesn't like anyone acting up at his shows. At least, that's what he told a San Francisco audience Tuesday night.

"When we go to a party, we don't want no bulls**t," he announced midway through his Maritime Hall performance as a few fans started to get in a fight. "We don't want no one messing our vibe up." He then headed toward the pit formed in front of the stage. "I see a little bulls**t about to happen over here," he continued, pointing to the divisive audience members. "I don't want nobody acting up at my party."

They obliged, and Busta rewarded the near-capacity crowd with a three-hit salute of "Dangerous," "Woo-hah (Got You All in Check)," and "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" performed in rapid-fire succession.

Rhymes, who is playing a few solo dates in the U.S. this month, took to the stage late in the evening and performed for only for about 45 minutes. Joined by members of the Flip Mode Squad, Busta interrupted the music at several

points to chat with his fans. He even propositioned one of them -- and was swiftly rejected by the woman.

When he appeared on stage, Rhymes -- now a fashion designer launching his own "Bushi" line of clothes -- was decked out in full blue regalia. By the second song, however, he had stripped down to just pants, which were at his knees by the end of the show. This gave the rambunctious performer an opportunity for quite a pun, and he seized it, offering the audience a revealing view during the final song of the evening, "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See."

Rhymes is nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. He heads on to the Southwest later this week and onto Europe next month.