Janet Jackson Explains Donning Sexy Gear For Video With Busta

Since wrapping her highly successful Velvet Rope Tour, it seems that Janet Jackson has become the guest artist of choice.

Jackson has spent studio time working on tracks with Busta Rhymes, Elton John and Blackstreet, and has also shot videos for her collaborations with Busta and Blackstreet.

When MTV visited Jackson and Busta on the set for their video to "What's It Gonna Be," we noticed she was decked out in a rather steamy leather outfit, and couldn't help but ask her whether it was Hype or Busta talked her into donning the S&M-inspired look.

"I did this for Busta really," Jackson said, "not to take anything away from Hype, cause I love him so much. I love costumes and from [my tour], I'm sure you could see that. And I know that he does, too. So this is really for Busta." [28.8 RealVideo]

Busta Rhymes will be heading out the road -- beginning on May 5 in Richmond, Virginia -- for

a major tour with R. Kelly, Foxy Brown and Deborah Cox.