Busta Rhymes Weighs In On Eminem, Future Of Hip-Hop

As a seasoned, nine-year veteran of the rap game, Busta Rhymes has logged studio time with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Ozzy Osbourne, Puff Daddy and Janet Jackson, who appears on his current single, "What's It Gonna Be."

Busta's just about seen it all as far as hip-hop goes, although there's a certain rising star from Detroit whom Busta thinks can bring something new to the genre.

"I love Eminem's s**t," Rhymes told the MTV Radio Network, "his album is phenomenal, granted the fact that he's a new emcee and granted the fact that him being white [has been] an issue. I just think overall he's a new package that is a whole new element that hip-hop ain't had in a while."

Busta and Eminem's paths recently crossed at MTV's Spring Break festivities in Cancun, Mexico. Coincidentally enough, Eminem is also a member of a rap collective known as "the Outsiders" -- which includes Rah Digga from Rhymes' Flip-Mode Squad.

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