R. Kelly's Camp Explains Production Issues Keeping Busta Off Tour

First it drove a wedge between Rob Zombie and Family Values, then it tore apart Hole and Marilyn Manson. Now it seems to have put the kibosh on Busta Rhymes and R. Kelly.

"It" is the suddenly ubiquitous condition known as "production issues," and it popped up once again this week as the reason why Busta Rhymes will not be touring with R. Kelly as originally planned.

As we first reported on Tuesday, the rapper bowed out of the "Get Up On A Room" tour claiming that on that outing, it would be "impossible to mount a production that would be compatible with the kind of show Rhymes' fans have come to expect" (see "Busta Rhymes Pulls Out Of R. Kelly Tour").

Building on that statement, R. Kelly's booking agent told MTV News that the two camps had been arguing back and forth about stage space. The agent said that an exception was made for Busta to have a set, though no other act had one aside from Kelly. The agent said

that Busta still asked for more than his allotted 15 feet, which would have dipped into the headliner's stage space.

Busta will now mount his own summer tour, where he will presumably have plenty of room. The rapper could have his tour rolling as early as July.

As for Kelly's tour (which still features Nas, Foxy Brown, Deborah Cox, Kelly Price, and Sparkle), it will kick off on Thursday at the First Union Center in Philadelphia.