Busta Unveils His Footwear In New York

Busta Rhymes turned up in New York on Tuesday to pump the press about his upcoming line of footwear, and promised that the shoes would reflect his, well, unique fashion sense.

As we first reported last week, Busta is hooking up with GBX to release a line of footwear that should hit stores this fall (see "Busta Rhymes Takes A Walk With New Shoe Designs").

Busta has earned a reputation for his unique fashion sense and has had a hand in the design of his Bushi clothing line since its inception. Given that experience, Busta sees launching a footwear line was a natural progression.

"The designing that I would do," Busta began, "was always like clothing and shoes simultaneously, cause I'm a head-to-toe coordinator, as far as outfits if you haven't seen it already in award ceremonies or the shows that I might perform at... When it's time to represent Busta

Rhymes, I always try to make sure from head-to-toe, from the hair-do to the toenail, is coordinating. So there's always been some kind of designing." [RealAudio]

Busta and GBX will roll out two different styles of footwear as part of the venture: a mountain/hiking boot and a high-top evening shoe. The shoes are expected to be in stores in the fall.