Busta Rhymes Expands Film Resume With "Shaft," Madonna Projects

Busta Rhymes, last heard on the silver screen as the voice of the "Reptar Wagon" in the 1998 "Rugrats Movie," is gearing up to take a few more film roles. Rhymes, who also co-starred in 1995's "Higher Learning" and 1993's "Who's The Man?" has at least two new movie projects in the works.

One is a role in John Singleton's "Shaft" remake, which will also feature Samuel L. Jackson and Christian Bale. The other project is an HBO short film to be executive produced by Madonna, which Rhymes has signed on to develop and star in.

"It's basically about artists and the different genres of music that Madonna hand-picked to write films from their point of view," Busta told the MTV Radio Network. "[We will be] incorporating the music [into our respective parts], but not necessarily making it an obvious short film that's just dealing with the spectrum of music, [we'll just be] incorporating music somehow in our own creative approaches."

Busta, who has previously appeared on the small

screen in ads for Mountain Dew and the Sci-Fi Channel, will work with a screenwriter and an acting coach for the short film.

In other Rhymes news, he will be performing at NBC's Gravity Games on September 10 in Newport, Rhode Island (see "Foo Fighters, Busta Rhymes, Kid Rock On Board For "Gravity Games" Gig"). He'll also be playing in a 'N Sync-organized basketball game in Atlanta, Georgia on August 25 (see "'N Sync Taps Busta, Usher, Jordan, Others For Charity Basketball Game").

Fans looking to hear new music by Rhymes should be on the lookout for new albums by Puff Daddy (see "Puffy Taps Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly, Mase, Nas For New LP") and Fishbone (see "Fishbone's Friends Include Gwen Stefani, Busta, Primus, Chilis, Osmonds") as well as the upcoming Bob Marley tribute album (see

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