Busta Rhymes Is Just Talkin' About "Shaft"

Between designing shoes, rapping on other artists' records, and appearing in films, Busta Rhymes has been keeping busy lately. The rapper is currently overseeing debut albums by his Flip Mode Squad mates Rah Digga and Lord Have Mercy, and he also has at least two film-related projects in the works.

As we previously reported, Busta is working with director John Singleton on his remake of the 1971 flick "Shaft" as well as developing a short film for HBO that is being executive-produced by Madonna (see "Busta Rhymes Expands Film Resume With 'Shaft,' Madonna Projects"). Busta recently gave the MTV Radio Network the skinny on what's happening with the "Shaft" revamp.

"We still in [the writing] processes," Busta told the MTV Radio Network. "And things is being changed here and there, so it can be fine-tuned. But I got a strong role in it, and

John Singleton had me in mind when he was doing the part and writing the script. And, you know, it wasn't too difficult to solidify my part, because when it's time to handle my business, I handles my business." [RealAudio]

Singleton previously directed Rhymes in the 1995 film "Higher Learning." So far, his "Shaft" cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson in the lead, as well as Jennifer Esposito and Christian Bale. No word yet on when production might begin on the film.

Meanwhile, Busta appears in the video for "Tight," the first single from Rah Digga's "Dirty Harriet" album, which is slated for a November release.

In a final bit of Busta news, the rapper's line of footwear is due in stores this fall (see "Busta Unveils His Footwear In New York").