Busta Rhymes Prepares World For Rah Digga's "Dirty Harriet"

Fans of Busta Rhymes' Flip Mode Squad should circle November 2 on their calendars.

That's the day that Rah Digga, Flip Mode's "first lady," will release her solo debut, "Dirty Harriet." The album features cameos by Mary J. Blige, Carl Thomas, Ruff Ryders rapper Eve (who is preparing to release her solo debut), the Outsiders (Digga's other crew), and various members of Flip Mode.

"Tight" has surfaced as the leadoff single from "Dirty Harriet," and "The Imperial," featuring Busta Rhymes, looks to be the follow-up offering. Busta told the MTV Radio Network that the album will show the hip-hop world that Rah Digga's time has come.

"She still has to establish herself as an individual," Busta explained to the MTV Radio Network, "and represent to the whole community of hip-hop and just the world, so to speak, that she is an individual, and that's pretty much where it's at."

As for Busta himself, he's beginning to work on the follow-up to his "Extinction Level

Event: The Final World Front" album, but says he is taking his time on that project. The rapper is also working with another Flip Mode member, Lord Have Mercy, on his solo debut, and as we previously reported, he has a number of film projects in the works (see "Busta Rhymes Is Just Talkin' About 'Shaft'").

-- John Gill